team pink pilates

Our Mission Statement

To inspire and allow all women with cancer the opportunity to rehabilitate and regain their confidence using the Pink Pilates Programme and help women incorporate exercise into their lifestyle forever.


Substantial amounts of research supports the benefits of exercise after a cancer diagnosis. It is particularly important for a woman's physical and emotional wellbeing and can improve survival rates.

"Exercise therapy is an important component of recovery from breast cancer and the effects of its treatment. Both the surgery and chemotherapy cause extreme deconditioning and fatigue and exercise helps to correct both of these debilitating problems. More importantly exercise has also been shown to significantly improve longevity in breast cancer survivors."

Dr Hamish Osborne
Senior Lecturer and Specialist Physician in Sport and Exercise Medicine Academic Co-ordinator Post Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine; University of Otago

Team Pink Pilates
The Great Wall of China Marathon

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Why support us?

Every cent raised from Team Pink Pilates goes to help fund cancer survivors through the highly successful NZ developed Pink Pilates Programme.

Our Goal

To raise enough funds to support at least 3000 women who are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Show your Support Now

Order a pair of pink laces.


Become a Team Pink Pilates member and raise money for cancer survivors in your area. Register on our website and get your family and friends to sponsor you walk, run or mountain bike at one of our events.

If you want to take action to help improve the lives of women with cancer - join TEAM PINK PILATES.

Show your support - buy a pair of pink laces

Become a Team Pink Pilates member, and raise money for women with cancer in your area. Register today and get your family and friends to sponsor you walk, run or mountain bike at one of our events.

Sculpt Women's 6K

Join us on Sunday December 4th 2011 to run or walk 6km at the Sculpt Women's 6K in Britomart, Auckland.

This is a well organised first class event with an achievable distance to suit all levels of fitness whether you walk or run. We have put together an easy to follow 9 week running or 5 week walking program to help build your running and walking abilities. So get together with your friends, work colleges, sister or even your Mum and enter.

All entries receive a goody bag filled with sponsor's products, plus if you are one of the first 2,000 people to enter online you will receive a free Sculpt Women's 6K event t-shirt!

On the day one lucky person will drive away in a brand new Mazda2! All you have to do for your chance to win this amazing car is enter and complete the Sculpt Women's 6K.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter along the way for tips on training, nutrition and other exciting news from sponsors.

So get in early and enter the Sculpt Women's 6K