pink pilates trust

The Pink Pilates Trust is a registered charitable trust working to improve the quality of life of New Zealand and Australian women affected with cancer. It was established in 2006, and is dedicated to fundraising for the Pink Pilates programme.

The aim of the Trust is to make the Pink Pilates programme as accessible and affordable to as many women diagnosed with cancer as possible. A cancer diagnosis is disruptive financially for many women and their families. The Trust was set up so people can contribute in a practical and meaningful way. We have a principal of local funds raised being used locally to support local women through the programme.

The Pink Pilates Trust allocates funds to women within 2 years of their cancer diagnosis who would not be able to participate in the Pink Pilates programme without financial assistance. The Pink Pilates Trust funding allocation system ranks women with the greatest financial and physical need on a regional basis. Women will then be put on a waiting list depended on where they are ranked in their region.

The physical need is determined by the type of surgery, the type of cancer treatments, presence of any post-operative complications and/or pre-existing musculoskeletal problems and whether there has been a medical referral.

The financial need is determined by the combined household income, the number of dependant children, and whether women have had to stop working.

Each region has their own separate waiting list, which is determined by the funding available in that region. To apply for funding from the Pink Pilates Trust please fill in the funding application

The Pink Pilates Trust raises funds through fundraising activities and events, donations and T-shirt sales. Proceeds raised contribute to the subsidised funding we offer participants of the Pink Pilates programme.

In addition, funds raised have also been donated to other breast cancer initiatives. For example in 2005, $16,000 was raised and donated to the Louise Perkins Foundation - a fantastic organisation that also aims to help women with breast cancer lead more positive lives and offers services targeting the mind, body and spirit.

The current trustees of the Pink Pilates Trust are:
Lou James - contact
Vicky Lewis - contact
Tanya McMillan - contact
Susan Lynn - contact