Pink Pilates is dedicated to improving the quality of life
and wellbeing of women diagnosed with breast cancer

The Pink Pilates programme has been specifically designed to help women diagnosed with breast cancer regain their physical strength, improve their body confidence and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. read more

In 2009 The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation became a Strategic Partner of the Pink Pilates Programme.

Lou James Founder of Pink Pilates and Executive Trustee of the Pink Pilates Trust:

"I am delighted that the Pink Pilates programme for women recovering from breast cancer surgery and treatments is now available in other parts of New Zealand . Pink Pilates has been helping women in Auckland maximise their recovery for the past three years. We've had fantastic feedback and it's wonderful that with the support of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation we can now extend our service to benefit more women."

Pink Pilates is now available in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, New Plymouth, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Tauranga, Hamilton, South Auckland, Central Auckland, West Auckland and Whangaparaoa. More details

New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation Strategic Partner of the Pink Pilates Programme.

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Connie Zein was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 and regularly attends Pink Pilates sessions:
I was very fit before I got cancer. Then all this happened and I spiraled down mentally and physically, which was hard to come out of. This programme has helped me start getting my fitness back and organise my life. I have good things to focus on instead of my sickness. The programme has been invaluable in gaining confidence about my body and what I can achieve in exercise. It has helped return a sense of normality to my life and truly given me a much needed boost. Thank you so much. It would be great to see the programme made available to more women. There are many ladies who would really benefit from this programme.

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