The costs of the 10 session Pink Pilates programme vary slightly for each region. Please contact your local Pink Pilates Certified Clinic to find out exact costs in your region.
The costs are approximately $500 -585 for the 10 week course in New Zealand and $660 - $760 in Australia.

Your local Pink Pilates Physiotherapy clinic will also have classes available that you may be able to attend once you have started participating in the programme.

Research shows that remaining physically active is a very important component in your recovery from cancer and the effects of its treatment.
Both the surgery and chemotherapy cause extreme de-conditioning and fatigue and exercise helps to correct both of these debilitating problems. More importantly exercise has also been shown to significantly improve longevity in cancer survivors. Your Certified Pink Pilates Physiotherapist will design your programme to suit your individual requirements and help you remain physically active.

Private Health funds or Private Medical Insurance will normally refund the cost of post-operative physiotherapy depending on your cover.

We have gift vouchers available for individual Pink Pilates sessions if family and friends would like to support women they know through the programme.

The Pink Pilates Trust is a volunteer driven registered charity that is dedicated to fundraising for the Pink Pilates programme. If you are unable to participate in the programme due to economic hardship, please fill in our online form and someone from the Pink Pilates Trust will contact shortly.