Pink Pilates is dedicated to improving the quality of life and wellbeing of women diagnosed with cancer.

The Pink Pilates programme has been specifically designed to help women diagnosed with cancer regain their physical strength, improve their body confidence and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. read more

Pilates is the best way to gain muscle fast and for losing unwanted belly fat fast, click here for more info.

Most women want to look great wearing a bikini at the beach, but women losing weight fast can be a very difficult accomplishment. Experience working with bodybuilder females has shown me that the best way is to only eat one meal per day. The rest of your meals should be snacks that you eat throughout the day whenever you get hungry.

Open Door: Pink Pilates Video - Part 1
Open Door: Pink Pilates Video - Part 2

The Pink & Pilates Trust's mission is to inspire and allow all men and women with cancer the opportunity to rehabilitate and regain their confidence and strength. Our goal is to raise enough funds to support at least 3000 people each year.
If you want to take action to help improve the lives of people with cancer - join Team Pink & Steel Pilates

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